Joe Colombo Basket Series

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The name ‘Basket’ honors the classic hand-weaving technique used in rattan basketry. The collection comprises a three-seater sofa, a two-seater sofa, and a lounge chair, all of which share the same construction. Replacing the inner fiberglass shell that Colombo initially utilized, the core of each piece is now formed from a more environmentally responsible steel skeleton, which provides strength and stability to the unique form. This is covered with a hand-woven rattan skin, made from interlaced strips and oval stakes, a technique that demands a tremendous degree of skill and craftsmanship to create.

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  • Basket 3 Seat Sofa
    Basket 3 Seat Sofa


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    From $10,999
  • Basket Lounge Chair
    Basket Lounge Chair


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    From $4,499
  • Basket 2 Seat Sofa
    Basket 2 Seat Sofa


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    From $7,999
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