Each year in Australia, the equivalent of 800,000 three-seater sofas, 1.65 million dining tables or 3.4 million coffee tables, are thrown away.

At Cult, we believe in the quality and longevity of exceptional design. We believe that that one of the best strategies for sustainable living is to make and buy things that last. We believe in creating a sustainable circular economy for authentic furniture and lighting.

This is why we developed Cultivated, an in-house sustainability program that provides buy back, refurbishment and recycling services for authentic designer furniture.

From a single lounge chair in need of re-upholstering, to an entire office space of worn-out seating, Cultivated work with local manufacturers and craftspeople to restore, reinvigorate or recycle original design, creating a sustainable circular economy for authentic furniture and lighting.

What we do.

Sustainability Stories.

Sustainability Stories is a short film comprising a series of mini-interviews with design industry innovators - from designers, architects and business owners, to editors, advocated and advisors. Through a compilation of Q&A's with key figures from our community, we uncover a wide range of sustainability stories from across Australia. Sharing anecdotes, case studies and advice, Sustainability Stories is a glimpse into the vast arena of sustainability, offering insight into the overarching questions: 'what can sustainability in the design industry look like'? 

At Cultivated, we offer buy back, refurbish and recycle services for authentic design furniture. If you have an aged or end of life piece that you would like us to take a look at, submit an enquiry below.

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