CULT NEWS. Cult's parent company, Corporate Culture, acquires Mark Tuckey

CULT NEWS. Cult's parent company, Corporate Culture, acquires Mark Tuckey

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Corporate Culture, the holding group behind a number of leading design and furniture businesses in the Asia-Pacific region, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Mark Tuckey; a revered brand known for its timeless and beautifully crafted solid timber furniture. This strategic move reflects Cult’s parent company’s commitment to preserving and promoting Australian manufacturing, design, and craftsmanship.

Corporate Culture has acquired the Mark Tuckey business, taking over control of the factory and sales from the 01 September, 2023.

With over 30 years in business, the Mark Tuckey brand stands for great quality and longevity; intrinsic values which match those of Cult Design and the other sister brands part of the Corporate Culture holding group including nau, Cultivated and HAY Australia

Richard Munao, Founder and CEO of Corporate Culture Australia, expresses his enthusiasm about the acquisition:

We are thrilled to welcome Mark Tuckey to the group. Mark’s dedication to sustainable design and quality aligns perfectly with our values. With this acquisition, weare not only preserving an iconic Australian brand but also enhancing our ability to provide outstanding design solutions to our clients.

Mark Tuckey, reflecting on the acquisition, shares:

"I've poured my heart and soul into building this brand over the last 35 years. This transition represents an exciting new chapter for Mark Tuckey, as Cult’s expertise and network will undoubtedly propel the brand to new heights. It's a wonderful opportunity to continue our legacy of crafting enduring furniture that stands the test of time."

The acquisition is poised to strengthen Mark Tuckey’s presence in both residential and commercial markets. While the brand’s day-to-day operations will undergo minimal changes, Cult’s involvement promises to offer fresh avenues for growth, such as expanding product offerings and reaching wider audiences. This acquisition underscores Cult’s dedication to fostering Australian design and manufacturing, supporting local artisans, and championing the principles of sustainability.

As the transition takes shape, both Cult and Mark Tuckey look forward to a harmonious collaboration that honors the brand’s rich heritage while ushering in a new era of innovation and excellence in Australian furniture design.

The Mark Tuckey story.

Mark Tuckey, the founder and creative force behind the eponymous brand, has spent almost 35 years cultivating a legacy of excellence in furniture design. His journey began with a passion for creative endeavors and a deep appreciation for environmentally friendly practices. Inspired by his travels and an innate desire to create, Tuckey ventured into furniture design, using recycled and ethically sourced timber as his medium. From humble beginnings of buying and renovating a single table, the brand evolved organically, embracing a design philosophy that champions simplicity, functionality, and sustainability. As the business evolved the same core principles have been maintained: to produce good looking timeless furniture locally in Australia, that is built to last and strictly only using recycled or environmentally friendly timber sources. 

Mark started his business in Melbourne in 1990 with a couple of hundred dollars, a blue F-100 truck, and a desire to be engaged in an environmentally friendly creative endeavor, allowing him to use his head, heart and hands.

Tuckey’s design aesthetic, characterised by its pared-back and timeless quality, resonated with customers seeking enduring furniture pieces that celebrate the inherent beauty of solid timber.

Over the years, Mark Tuckey has become synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, commitment to quality, and a dedication to using eco-friendly materials. The brand’s products have adorned homes, offices, and commercial spaces with a sense of authenticity and longevity.

Each piece of Mark Tuckey furniture is custom-made at the brand’s workshop in Thornbury, Melbourne (pictured below) using recycled and sustainably managed timbers. There are two Mark Tuckey stores: one in Melbourne adjoining the workshop (pictured above) and another in Byron Bay.

Supporting Australian design and manufacturing.

Each piece of Mark Tuckey furniture is custom-made by hand at the brand’s workshop in Melbourne, using recycled and sustainably managed timbers. This acquisition gives Cult the opportunity to strengthen its Australian-made portfolio of products and keep the strong brand and local manufacturing of Mark Tuckey alive.

Richard Munao shares: “I am passionate about Australian design and as a trained cabinetmaker, I want to see manufacturing stay in Australia. For many years we have been investing in Australian design and working with local artisans; the NAU brand that we launched back in 2017 is an example of this. I also believe that consumers are becoming more conscious of buying local, so the acquisition of the Mark Tuckey brand made sense for us to put our money where our mouth is and really show our commitment to Australian design. We also have a strong commitment to sustainability and buying local ticks all the boxes.”

Mark Tuckey Collection Bestsellers

The Mark Tuckey collection includes dining tables, coffee/side tables, beds, stools, bedsides, chairs, sofas, storage and mirrors; all crafted by hand in Melbourne with sustainably sourced solid timber. 

Plinth Sofa

Plinth Armchair

Merri-Go-Round Dining Table

Farmhouse Dining Table

Half Cog Dining Table

Tumbler Stool

Zigzag Stool and Egg Cup Stool

Oxo Coffee Table

Warehouse Bed

Tripod Dining Table

A continued legacy. What’s next for the Mark Tuckey brand?

The Mark Tuckey business will continue to run separately, while using Cult’s network to strengthen its position in the commercial, hospitality and residential markets. Whilst Mark will not be involved in the day to day running of the business, he will still be active with product development. Richard Munao expands: “The plan is to keep the Mark Tuckey brand running as it has been. It has a great following and I have spoken to many clients who love what the brand stands for and the products. The team is passionate about making beautiful long-lasting product, so we plan to grow the awareness and expand the offering to include more chairs and lighting.”

Read an exclusive interview with Mark and Richard here to find out more > 

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