EVENT GALLERY. Design Show Australia 2022

EVENT GALLERY. Design Show Australia 2022

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At the 2022 edition of DENFAIR, we were delighted to launch the Mega Tulip modular seating system, along with the Rib Colour table and Skip table all by Adam Goodrum for nau. We also showcased the latest from our Cultivated sustainability program, with an exhibition featuring our recent HAY x Westfield refurbishment project. Here we share a gallery of images from the first industry event of the year. 

Designed for meeting, reflection and conversation, our curated lounge area at DENFAIR 2022 was the launch pad for Mega Tulip - a new modular sofa system designed by Adam Goodrum. Based on a familiar favourite in the nau collection, Mega Tulip introduces new possibilities for commercial lounging. 

Mega Tulip was awarded 'Best in Show - Furniture' at the DENFAIR 2022 Editor's Choice Awards. ​ ​​All fabric and leather upholstery on Mega Tulip has been generously provided by Kvadrat Maharam. 

Allowing for limitless configurations, Mega Tulip is as adaptable as it is graphically interesting. The flexible modular system is comprised of a diverse landscape of elements, from independent sofas and armchairs, to straight or curved segments and high back booths.

We also launched the new Rib Colour table and Skip marble table, both designed by Adam Goodrum for nau.

RIB COLOUR TABLE. First launched in 2021 in walnut, oak, ash and black stained ash, the Rib table is now available in custom colour options. Inspired by Sydney’s iconic MLC centre by architect Harry Seidler, Rib is the first pedestal table in the nau collection. With a striking architectural aesthetic, Rib’s circular form offers a softness within commercial and residential spaces. Visually light but deceptively robust, the fluted ribs allow maximum stability in their elevation of the tabletop. Designed for meeting, conversation and togetherness, Rib is an inviting and functional table that allows for optional integrated power and data supply. 

Almost a year after the launch of our sustainability program, Cultivated returned to the spotlight with a dedicated exhibition at DENFAIR 2022.

The exhibition showcased the process behind restoring 16 x HAY AAL chairs that were destined for landfill after five years of intensive use at a Westfield shopping centre in Perth. 

​“Cultivated is available across all Cult products. Anything from an About a Lounge chair that’s a couple of thousand dollars right up to our top pieces, so the focus isn’t really on those heirloom pieces. It’s about keeping chairs and lights and furniture in general away from the roadside and out of landfill.” - Joshua Ellis, Cultivated Brand Manager.

Read more about this Cultivated HAY x Westfield case study here

Photography by Fiona Susanto

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