Design Eternal. The Fritz Hansen Series 7 designed by Arne Jacobsen

Design Eternal. The Fritz Hansen Series 7 designed by Arne Jacobsen

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Design Eternal. The Fritz Hansen Series 7 designed by Arne Jacobsen

The Fritz Hansen Series 7 chair is an icon in modern furniture history, designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1955. Its unique shape is timeless and incredibly versatile, displaying character without overpowering the eye. The chair is made from 9 layers of pressure moulded veneer for strength, flexibility and durability despite its slender form. As the most popular design within Fritz Hansen’s chair collection for over 70 years, We sit down with the design-savvy Cult team to get their thoughts on what exactly makes this iconic design so timeless. 

'It transcends any notion of trend...'

'The way in which the materials were engineered and manipulated means the Series 7 transcends any notion of trend. This is why it maintains relevance today and will continue to do so for future contexts.'

- Samuel Michael, Commercial Sales Consultant (Sydney)

'It is a sustainable antidote to the throw away culture ‘fast furniture’ encourages...'

'The Series 7 has been manufactured by Fritz Hansen and sold continuously for almost 70 years, which really puts it in a league of only a few classic chairs. This longevity and proven strength allows the Series 7 to be used and passed down through generations. 

It is a sustainable antidote to the throw away culture that ‘fast furniture’ encourages.'

- Joshua Ellis, Cultivated Brand Manager

'The Series 7 represents true design longevity...'

'Fritz Hansen are known for their timeless designs and the Series 7 is synonymous with this. It is a chair that celebrates 67 years and where originals are still in use. The quality is tested rigorously and it is impressive to see such a slim and sleek design with such strength and durability.

I also love the options and range of finishes that are available for this chair and that Fritz Hansen bring out seasonal colours and finishes to keep this chair relevant and vibrant. It is a comfortable and classic chair which can be applied to residential spaces and commercial spaces alike.'

- Bim Blake, Commercial Sales Consultant (Sydney)

'For me, it is the curves...'

'For me it is the curves, a feature not commonly envisioned and designed by a male designer. The Series 7 is neither masculine nor feminine and can be used in almost any desired setting, from an auditorium to a dining room. Not many chairs are as adaptable as this.'

-  Dione Glisovic, Sales Consultant (Melbourne)

'It is truly adaptable to any interior style or setting...'

'It's rare to see a design that has truly endured over 65 years, and I think one key reason for this is the Series 7 chair's adaptability to such a wide range of applications.

I've seen the Series 7 chair seamlessly compliment so many varied environments, from velvet upholstery in decorative period residences, classic timber veneer and chrome base in mid-century homes, to rich brown leather on a castor base in workplaces (including Cult's Head Office!), to museums, hospitals, airport lounges and all kinds of classic and contemporary bars and restaurants. 

I especially love Milanese design curator Carla Sozzani's 2020 collaboration with Fritz Hansen, which saw the Series 7 chair released in 16 vibrant new colours and seven base options - the Deep Clay is my favourite.'

-  Rosie Schloeffel-Light, Marketing & Communications 

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