Elevate your bathroom with Vipp

Immerse yourself in tranquillity and enjoy daily luxury in your own bathroom. Today the Vipp collection includes everything from bath modules, soap dispensers and bins, to laundry baskets, toothbrush holders and more. All Vipp bathroom products are available online and in-store at Cult.


The Vipp bath modules are available in small, medium, or large, so no matter the layout of your bathroom, you can downscale or upscale the bath module to fit your needs. Then add your preferred accessories for a refined and timeless look.

Bathroom essentials. 

Vipp921 & Vipp922 Shelf. 

With two surfaces, the Vipp shelf is a functional storage option for every room of the house. An indentation in the two surfaces holds a silicone mat for protection of delicate items. Available in two sizes and two finishes.

Vipp7 Toothbrush Holder. 

The Vipp toothbrush holder is pure bathroom functionality. With a removable rubber inner section, the toothbrush holder separates the toothbrush from the toothpaste. A non-skid rubber base protects surfaces. 

Vipp7 Toothbrush Holder, White

Vipp7 Toothbrush Holder, Beige

Vipp7 Toothbrush Holder, Black

Vipp441 Laundry Basket

The Vipp laundry basket is a practical solution for laundry sorting and is ideal for the bathroom or bedroom. The perforated lid ensures air circulation, and the machine-washable inner liner divided in two sections makes laundry sorting easy. The Vipp laundry basket is fitted on wheels.

Vipp441 Laundry Basket, White

Vipp441 Laundry Basket, Beige

Vipp441 Laundry Basket, Black

Vipp5 Soap Dish.

The Vipp soap dish neatly stores soap bars in the bathroom. Featuring dishwasher-proof rubber parts, the soap dish can easily be taken apart for cleaning. A rubber base protects surfaces, while a rubber groove keeps the soap dry.

Vipp5 Soap Dish, White

Vipp5 Soap Dish, Black

Vipp9 Soap Dispenser.

The Vipp dispenser is a functional product for the bathroom or kitchen. A custom-designed pump ensures a proper amount of soap, sanitiser gel, or dishwashing liquid. A sturdy body with a solid base gives the Vipp dispenser stability for one-hand operation.

Vipp9 Soap Dispenser, White

Vipp9 Soap Dispenser, Beige

Vipp9 Soap Dispenser, Black

Perfect pairing 

The Vipp13 pedal bin is the smallest of the Vipp bins and is ideal for the bathroom. This pedal bin is equipped with a removable inner bin, a lid that ensures air-tight closure, and a damper mechanism that provides smooth closing of the lid. A rubber ring at the base protects floors. Discover more.

The Vipp toilet brush is a refined bathroom necessity. A silicone ring at the top of the toilet brush provides air-tight closure, while extra weight at the base ensures stability. The brush head and inner tube of the toilet brush can be replaced. Discover more

Vipp14 Pedal Bin, White

Vipp14 Pedal Bin, Beige

Vipp14 Pedal Bin, Black

Vipp11 Toilet Brush, White

Vipp11 Toilet Brush, Beige

Vipp11 Toilet Brush, Black

Vipp6 Shower Shelf.

The Vipp shower shelf is a functional addition to the bathroom shower area. Acid-resistant materials protects the shower shelf against soap residue, and a removable insert makes it easy to clean.

Vipp2 Shower Wiper.

The Vipp shower wiper has a replaceable wiper blade in soft silicone, which easily removes water from smooth surfaces in the bathroom. Soft edges protect surfaces, and a silicone strap makes it easy to hang the shower wiper on the supplied hook after use.

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