EVENT GALLERY. Reviving Design Icons at SDW 2022

It has been a week since we presented Reviving Design Icons at Sydney Design Week. Our event at the Powerhouse workshop saw over 180 visitors across a two-day exhibition that documented the restoration of the Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen, some of which were from the 1960’s. Here, we share highlights of the Cultivated team in action.

Photography by Fiona Susanto.

Sandblasting machinery was used to propel sand at a high velocity against the surface of the aged chair to remove the thin layer of lacquer from its surface. 

By sandblasting, our restoration specialists were able to remove the worn lacquer, whilst keeping the 9 layers of pressure moulded veneer that form the structure of the chair intact. 

Once the raw veneer was exposed, scratches and larger chips were filled using a special hardened wax. 

The wax was melted into the cracks of the chair and once set, hand sanded with a fine sandpaper to create a seamless blend with the original veneer.

A spray gun was used to apply a new layer of clear lacquer to the chair, to protect its surface and enhance the natural timber veneer.

Finally, two coats of lacquer were applied ready for the refurbished seat to be re-attached to its base.

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