Welcome to the Fritz Hansen Garden Club.

To celebrate the launch of the Fritz Hansen Skagerak Collection at Cult, we are running a Garden Club this Spring and you're invited to join in.

In partnership with Fritz Hansen and leading Australian florist, Jardine Botanic, we have produced 4 x limited-edition seed mixes for you to plant this Spring, plus insider tips and tricks to successfully grow plants from seed.

Read on for details on where and when you can collect your free Fritz Hansen Garden Club seed mixes, and to discover Jardine's potting instructions and top tips. 

Share your #fritzhansengardenclub gardening progress on Instagram for the chance to win some beautiful design icons from the Fritz Hansen Skagerak Collection - see all details below!

Pantry Module 2 - Fritz Hansen Skagerak Collection


Our limited-edition seed mixes are available to collect for free now until 01 December, 2023. 


Cult Melbourne. 
680 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 3000
View opening hours > 

Cult Sydney. 
21-23 Levey Street, Chippendale 2008
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Jardine Hansen is an ardent lover of plants and flowers. As our trusted and knowledgeable Fritz Hansen Garden Club collaborator, she has kindly helped us select our seed mixes and shared her expert tips and tricks for growing from seed successfully

Her work is layered and textured, using interesting botanical specimens and favouring locally grown flowers and foliages for their seasonal beauty.

She creates unstructured and wild arrangements for weddings, events and shoots, which retain the sense of spontaneity and romance found in the garden. She also runs workshops to spread her love of gardening and floristry far and wide. 

Explore Jardine's flower-filled world > 

Photography by Luke Burgess / In Bed

Pantry Module 2 - Fritz Hansen Skagerak Collection

Discover our limited-edition seed mixes. 

From heirloom tomatoes to rainbow cottage wildflowers, our limited-edition seed mixes have been carefully selected by Jardine Hansen for their ease to grow, popularity with pollinators, hard-to-find varieties and big yields.

A beautiful selection of colourful wild flowers for creating your own flower meadow the bees will love. 

Height: Up to 90cm
Aspect: Full sun, sheltered from winds
Germination: 28 days 
Flowering window: 14 weeks  
Suitable for pots: Yes

A weird, wonderful and totally delicious mix of unique tomato varieties that vary in colour, shape, size and taste.

Height: Up to 1m 
Aspect: Full sun
Germination: 5 days
Flowering window: 12 weeks
Suitable for pots: Yes

Sunflowers are one of the easiest plants to grow from seed - they thrive in most conditions and grow quickly too!

Height: Up to 3m
Aspect: Full sun 
Germination: 21 days
Flowering window: 4 weeks
Suitable for pots: Yes

A chilli collection as good to eat as it is to look at. Keep picking chillies and more flowers and fruits will form.

Height: 60cm
Aspect: Sun / partial shade 
Germination: 14 days
Flowering window: 14 weeks
Suitable for pots: Yes

TIPS & TRICKS. How to grow plants from seed in six easy steps

Jardine Botanic has kindly shared her top six tips for successfully growing plants from seed. With over three decades of gardening and floristry experience (including a lot of trial and error), we can't think of a better person to share their lessons learned. Follow these steps for your best shot at gardening success and don't forget to enjoy the process! 

Jardine outside her own potting shed -  Photography by Luke Burgess / In Bed


I recommend potting your seeds into small peat-free pots, around 8cm high.

They are the perfect size for seedlings to grow large enough to transplant directly outdoors when the time comes. Plus, they are totally biodegradable so you can plant the pot directly into the soil with no disturbance to the delicate roots. 

If you are reusing plastic module trays, be sure to wash them well in warm, soapy water to remove old soil and accumulated salts.


Prepare a potting mixture using a good quality, multi-purpose, peat-free compost. To go the extra mile, mix with a little horticultural grit to ensure good drainage.

Don't forget to label your pots - a paddlepop stick and waterproof marker does the job just fine.


Fill a clean pot with the potting mix and make a small hole in the centre, about 1-2cm deep. When sowing seeds a good rule of (green!) thumb is to sow the seed in a little hole twice the length of the seed.

For some tiny seeds like poppies, this means sowing on the surface with a very light scatter of soil or just pressing down lightly on the surface of the soil to make sure that the seed has made good contact with the soil.

Not every seed will germinate, so plant 3-4 seeds per pot to give yourself the best chance of sprouting.

It's really important when sowing seeds to not pack your soil down too much, you want the mix to be light and slightly airy so that the new roots that spring out of the seed will not have to work too hard against compacted soil. 


Seeds kept at warm room temperature and sprayed with water twice daily should sprout within a week. As soon as the seedlings break the surface, move them to brightest spot indoors, like a sunny window sill.

From this point, I prefer to water pots by filling a large container, popping the pots in and leaving them for 10 mins to soak. It's a more gentle method than watering from overhead on small seedlings, and means that the soil is evenly wet and will encourage the roots to grow downward.

It's important to not overwater. You want the soil damp but not sodden as too much water can result in damping off where seedlings collapse. Good air circulation can help avoid this too. 


Gradually expose your seedlings to increased sun and wind outdoors e.g. leave them outside while you go to work, then bring them in at night. Allow at least a week of this process, which we call 'hardening off' for your plants to prepare themselves for outdoor life.

Once your seedling is 5-10cm tall and its roots fill the pot, it's time to move it to its forever home - whether that's an indoor pot, window sill planter box or directly into your garden. 

If you're planting out in a garden, allow at least 45cm between plants. Enrich each hole with manure or compost. Use a sturdy tree stake for each plant and tie in as you watch them grow.

I always give my seedlings a soak in seasol or other seaweed solution when planting out, the nutrients and trace elements in this natural tonic promote root growth. I tend to water with seasol once every 2 weeks or so to promote optimal flowering and fruiting. 


It seems counter-intuitive but the more you harvest the more the plant produces. 

So be it flowers or fruit that you're cutting, know that the plant will produce more the more you cut.

Basically it's because the plant is trying to replicate itself by making flowers which turn into fruits/seeds so it extends the flowering/fruiting season if you harvest. 

Share to win.

Cutter Bench and Stool - Fritz Hansen Skagerak Collection

Share a picture of your Garden Club progress to go in the draw to win a Cutter Outdoor Stool in Teak from the Fritz Hansen Skagerak Collection, valued at AUD $800.

To enter, simply: 

- Take a picture of your garden club progress; sharing moments on your journey from seed to harvest.

- Share to Instagram stories 

- Tag @cultdesignau and #fritzhansengardenclub 

The winner will be selected by our garden club collaborator, Jardine Hansen, and announced on the first day of summer, 01 December 2023 via Instagram. Good luck! 

Some behind-the-scenes progress shots from our Cult team testing out the seed mixes. 

Drachmann Bench

Discover the Fritz Hansen Skagerak Collection. 

Fritz Hansen's Skagerak Collection is an environmentally conscious furniture collection crafted primarily with FSC™-certified teak and oak, continuously striving for a more positive impact on our world. Each piece is made with honest, durable materials that age beautifully.

Co-created with renowned architects and designers, the Skagerak Collection elevates modern living indoors and outdoors while expressing the Nordic connection between nature and design.

Pelagus Table and Dining Chairs 

Between Lines Deck Chair and Stool 

Messina Umbrella and Drachmann Benches, Armchairs and Table 

Messina Umbrella, Bllare Chair and Table 

Cutter Bench

The Fritz Hansen Skagerak Collection is exclusively available in Australia and New Zealand at Cult. 

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