Inside a Designer Holiday Home

Inside a Designer Holiday Home

Located 90 minutes south of Sydney on a rugged New South Wales coastline lies The Headland and The Range at Dovecote, a pair of luxury designer holiday homes that we simply never want to leave.

Set amongst 150 acres of oceanfront farmland overlooking the nearby Werri Beach, The Headland and The Range at Dovecote are two beautifully appointed getaway retreats that offer the ultimate luxury escape.

Every inch of the design is a direct response to the immediate and greater landscape’ says architect Atelier Andy Carson. ‘The building twists and morphs toward specific views. Climatic and spatial considerations with the placement of every wall or change of direction serve several purposes. The focus is firmly on the user experience being heightened and forging a greater connection to landscape’.

With vast views and a constantly changing landscape of waves, passing ships and even a drove of dairy cows that move steadily across the surrounding fields, the interiors of The Headland and The Range were designed by Carson in collaboration with owner/designer Jeffrey Simpson to support the incredible ocean and hinterland views.  


‘With such vast views the idea was to create very specific alignments to create powerful and memorable images in the mind of the occupants ...the result being a very dreamy and visceral experience’ Andy Carson, Architect.

Dovecote, as the property is known, gives reference to the home owners main residence in Sydney, which is aptly named the Pigeon Shed - a 1914 converted warehouse (which was once intended to house pigeons or doves) in Sydney's Chippendale.

Together, owner Jeffrey Simpson and Property Manager Kathryn Durham selected timeless furniture pieces that compel the occupants to sit and soak in the breathtaking landscape at every opportunity.

‘The dining tables and chairs, side tables and coffee tables are designed by incredible award winning Sydney designer Adam Goodrum. One of Australia's best industrial designers. We met with Adam prior to discuss custom sizes and had an amazing visit to see them manufactured.’ Jeffrey Simpson, Owner/Designer (pictured - Molloy Table and Chairs by Adam Goodrum for NAU).

‘We wanted to support and showcase as many Australian Designers and Artists in a house that represents great design. The contents and design needed to be on the same level to achieve harmony within the space. There is also a mix of incredible European designers and classic pieces of furniture including the PK80 daybed’. Jeffrey Simpson, Owner/Designer (pictured – Fritz Hansen PK80 Daybed by Poul Kjærholm).


Styling and furnishing of both buildings was a collaborative effort between Jeffrey Simpson (owner and designer) and Kathryn Durham (Property Manager, Dovecote).

‘The detailing is painstakingly minimal to give a calming, uncluttered feeling.’ Kathryn Durham, Property Manager - Dovecote (pictured – Fritz Hansen PK22 Lounge Chairs by Poul Kjærholm).

Book your Dovecote stay at The Headland or The Range here. 

Photography by duo Tom Blachford + Kate Ballis, and Tim Bean.

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