INTRODUCING WENDELBO. Where Simplicity Meets Splendour

Introducing WENDELBO - Where Simplicity Meets Splendour

The First Stiches

In 1955, Wendelbo began its journey in Denmark as a humble family workshop specialising in upholstery. With each stitch, the Wendelbo family laid the foundation stones of what would become a legacy of design excellence spanning six decades and three generations.

Today, their dedication to true craftsmanship remains unwavering as Wendelbo stands as an international design powerhouse, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary flair.

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At the heart of Wendelbo's design philosophy lies a commitment to defining a new language of modern elegance.


The philosophy that fuels their journey

For Wendelbo, 'modern elegance' is not merely an aesthetic but a celebration of minimalism without compromise, where comfort and quality reign supreme.

Through long-lasting collaborations with international designers, Wendelbo crafts collections that bridge skilled craftsmanship, supreme quality, and a sophisticated design signature.

Delicate leather piping, meticulous stitching, or subtle pleating - Wendelbo's designs are imbued with an appreciation for handcrafted details that elevate spaces beyond the ordinary. This dedication to detail is the hallmark of Wendelbo's journey, a journey shaped by unwavering dedication to design, a commitment to craftsmanship, and a deep respect for heritage.

Though they have their roots in retail, their range is equally at home in commercial settings. Responding to the demand for home-like comfort in contract environments, they have adopted a hybrid design language that seamlessly integrates into both residential and soft contract settings.

Defining a new language of modern elegance

Wendelbo's collection embodies a coherent idiom, effortlessly blending Northern simplicity with Southern splendour.

From sleek lines to inviting curves, their designs exude a harmonious synergy. Each piece is a testament to the brand's meticulous curation of materials and attention to crafted detail, resulting in a collection that speaks eloquently and cohesively.

Texture plays a vital role in the Wendelbo experience - from deep heavyweight bouclé to the inherent warmth of wood, their materials evoke a sensory journey that delights the touch as much as the eye.

Modular sofas, a cornerstone of the Wendelbo collection, offer engaging levels and dimensions, providing a fresh take on modularity that adapts effortlessly to any spatial context.


Collaborating with kindred spirits

At Wendelbo, the ethos revolves around honouring Danish design heritage while embracing the freedom to explore new creative territories. Collaborating with international designers, the brand bridges skilled craftsmanship with a sophisticated, global design signature. This collaborative journey, from ideation to realisation, sheds light on the intricate process of creative exploration.

In their design process, Wendelbo places a high emphasis on the individuality of each designer, recognising the unique design DNA inherent in every visionary. This creative fingerprint lends depth to their work and enriches the brand's collection.

This approach results in furniture that resonates with various lifestyles, cultures, and hybrid environments, catering to both soft contract and residential settings.

"Much like close friends who deepen their understanding of each other over time, we value long-lasting collaborations with designers who align with our vision and aesthetics, while also embracing novel perspectives that challenge our preconceptions." Louise Mengel Læsø, Creative Manager at Wendelbo

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Embarking on a journey

When introducing a new design to the collection, Wendelbo's primary objective is to address meaningful gaps within their existing range. A meticulously crafted design brief serves as the foundation, visually articulated to extend an invitation to designers within their portfolio, emerging talents, or established figures in the design world.

This shared understanding becomes the common ground for a design journey that celebrates individual creativity and supports collective inspiration, resulting in notable designs.

Design dialogues

Central to Wendelbo's collaborative design approach is open and continuous dialogue between the designers and their in-house design team. Ideas flow freely, bouncing between conceptual sketches, material explorations, prototyping, refining, and testing. These exchanges foster an environment where ideas are refined, evolved, and ultimately transformed into tangible designs.

A recent collaboration with French designer Tristan Lohner exemplifies this process. The partnership has already yielded several designs spanning multiple typologies, showcasing the versatility and coherence of Wendelbo's offerings. Offering various typologies from the same designer allows for more cohesive settings, tying entire projects together and establishing a consistent visual identity throughout.

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The Wendelbo Collection is now available online, with the new range available to experience in our Melbourne showroom starting in June 2024, with other Australian showrooms to follow in the subsequent months. Stay tuned for more updates.


In introducing Wendelbo, we invite you to explore a world where simplicity meets splendour, where every piece tells a story of craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Join us as we celebrate Wendelbo's legacy of design excellence and embark on a journey of discovery into the heart of modern elegance.

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