nau 2021 | Introducing nau Outdoor.

nau 2021 | Introducing nau Outdoor.

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nau 2021 | Introducing nau Outdoor.

We’re thrilled to present nau 2021 – the newest collection from our Australian design brand, nau. Comprising furniture and lighting by a collective of Australia’s most renowned designers, nau 2021 features a comprehensive outdoor range, a locally crafted flat-pack furniture series and an edit of functional, refined designs for both the home and the workplace.

Designed and made in Australia by nau’s most prolific designers, including Adam Goodrum, Kate Stokes, Adam Cornish and Tom Fereday, the new collection responds to the needs and desires that have emerged during the past two extraordinary years. Offering versatility, functionality, comfort and quality, nau 2021 carves out a fresh perspective for authentic furniture and lighting.

With the introduction of three new collections by Melbourne-based designer, Adam Cornish, the durable and remarkably comfortable Terrace, Yuki and Strand Bistro Outdoor ranges represent nau’s first foray into the great Australian outdoors. Here, we take a closer look at nau’s three new outdoor collections.

Terrace by Adam Cornish.

Characterised by graphic lines, subtle curves and a clean visual language, Terrace is an outdoor seating series that is as comfortable as it is functional. Hand-crafted in Melbourne, Terrace is made from durable stainless-steel wires that are curved incrementally to create an inviting and embracing seat. From long al-fresco lunches to uninterrupted lounging, this comprehensive collection is designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions and accommodate all kinds of outdoor living. Spanning commercial to residential to hospitality applications, Terrace is available in a selection of finishes in lounge chair, dining chair and bar stool options.

‘The Terrace collection aims to create a quaint, nearly transparent visual language. I wanted to achieve a product that neither stands out nor is lost in its surrounding environment. The formed wire construction is reminiscent of hand sketched gestures.’- Adam Cornish

Yuki by Adam Cornish.

Inspired by the perfect proportions of the Japanese shoji screen, Yuki is an exceptionally comfortable outdoor seating series comprising a sofa and an armchair. Its graphic frame features structural curves that appear playfully inflated, adding to the visual interest and overall comfort of the collection. Nesting into the frame in an intentional contrast between hard and soft are large, inviting cushions. Made in Melbourne from stainless steel, premium exterior-grade foam and high-performance outdoor fabrics, Yuki is designed robustly enough to be used across a variety of public or private contexts.

‘Yuki is all about contrast and juxtaposition. The frame has a subtlety inflated quality manufactured from robust and durable stainless steel. The graphic frame construction envelops the generous, slightly chubby upholstery, creating the perfect nesting experience.’ - Adam Cornish

Strand Bistro Outdoor by Adam Cornish.

The newest addition to the Strand collection by Adam Cornish is the Strand Bistro Outdoor Table in both dining and bar height. The philosophy behind Strand is that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts; each component works with the other to create pieces that rely solely on their unison. Inspired by the vintage steel furniture from the 1950s, the collection is made from simple, tactile materials, chosen for their honesty and ability to age with dignity. Taking cues from braided steel cables, three ‘strands’ work in unison to create the outline of the design. Quaint, intricate and tactile, Strand is humble enough for homes and cafes, yet strong and ergonomically suited to commercial applications.

‘Australian culture is synonymous with outdoor living, we have amazing weather and love to eat and entertain outdoors. The new outdoor collections utilise premium stainless construction for durability, with paired back, delicate silhouettes creating cohesion with the surrounding architecture.’ - Adam Cornish

The nau 2021 collection is available to explore in selected Cult showrooms and is available to order now. Click below to explore the entire collection.

Image credits: Styling by Megan Morton, Photography by Maxwell Finch.

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