Sacco Goes Green!

Sacco Goes Green!

by Ben Downey
Sacco Goes Green!

An environmentally friendly upgrade for an Italian design icon, introducing the limited edition Sacco Goes Green by Zanotta.

Designed in 1968 by young architects Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro and put into production in 1969 by Zanotta, Sacco is an icon of non-conformity that has maintained its relevance and avant-garde spirit for 50 years.

Zanotta celebrate this anniversary of this iconic design by launching a numbered, limited-edition collection made with innovative and sustainable materials and a brand-new pattern designed by Pierre Charpin, Sacco Goes Green

In Sacco Goes Green, the expanded high-resistant polystyrene pellets (the ‘beans’ of the ‘bean bag’) from the original design are replaced with BioFoam® microspheres derived from sugar cane; a sustainable, biodegradable alternative which can be industrially composted.

The outer cover is made from a completely renewed nylon thread derived from abandoned ocean fishing nets, synthetic fabric and industrial plastic waste. This innovative thread thread can be recycled, renewed and re-modelled countless times without the use of any additional natural resources.

The exclusive numbered collection of Sacco Goes Green is offered in three variations, using three new patterns by Pierre Charpin. Inspired by the netting from which the fabric was made, the French designer created a graphic of tightly woven coloured lines. Each piece of the limited collection set features graphic piping that covers the jacquard printed fabric reading SACCO GOES GREEN in a bold corresponding colour.

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