nanimarquina. Handcrafted Rugs With Spirit

nanimarquina. Handcrafted Rugs With Spirit

by Ben Downey
nanimarquina. Handcrafted Rugs With Spirit

Established by Nani in 1987, family-owned nanimarquina was driven by a creative background and a very clear goal: to design unique and surprising rugs that people fall in love with. By working with local and international designers to produce a diversity of themes, textures, materials and shapes, nanimarquina creates a rug for each person, space and emotion. With both innovation and tradition at its’ essence, nanimarquina blends contemporary design with handcraft techniques, outsourcing production to a variety of countries to create quality one-of-a-kind rugs with spirit. nanimarquina is a brand with substance; harmoniously combining authentic design with thoughtful artisanship, making tradition contemporary with every hand-pulled stitch.

nanimarquina. Icons. 

HAYON x NANI by Jaime Hayon// Hayon x Nani is a dreamy, wild collection with a playful sense of humour. Created with a hand tufting technique where a manually operated pistol injects pieces of wool, intuitive and fluid lines and an organic composition are achieved. The definitive and faithful reproduction of the original sketch by the designer. A first glance reveals a chaotic tangle of colours and shapes, however, after looking carefully, the imagination of Jaime Hayon springs to life with turtles, lips, hands, fish, half men – half birds…

TRES By Elisa Padrón// Tres is a traditional Indian flat-weave Dhurrie rug. Its unique quality lies in the production of three independent parts in which different fibres predominate. The proportion and combination of wool, felt, and cotton generate changes in tone and irregularities in the weave, bringing the pattern to life. The collection is an exercise in honesty, showcasing the weaving structure with a fringe that also helps to understand the construction process.

RABARI By Doshi Levien// The Rabari collection is created with 100% New Zealand wool, handmade in India with hand-knotted and hand-woven Sumak techniques. Comprised of four different rugs, Rabari offers exceptional beauty through the outstanding design by Doshi Levien, a refined combination of patterns with a unique graphic sensuality. “We wanted our collection for nanimarquina to reference the unfinished embroideries like studies of different techniques in progress, as they gradually emerge over time. Joyful, irreverent and unique.” Doshi Levien.

LOSANGES by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec// With the Losanges collection, the Bouroullec brothers continue their study of simplicity and elegance, reinterpreting the traditional Persian rug by using ancient kilim techniques. Technically complex, the Losanges collection requires great skill due to the combination of 13 colours in the geometrical rhombus pattern, a great testimony to the craftsmen of northern Pakistan.

CHILLIDA FIGURA HUMANA by Eduardo Chillida// To pay homage to the artist, the Chillida collection was created based on a chronological selection of his work: Figura Humana - 1948, Dibujo Tinta - 1957, and Collage - 1966, pieces that reflect the gestation process of his renown sculpture: Peine del Viento located in San Sebastián. Chillida’s artistic nuances have been faithfully translated into rugs, all handmade using various techniques and fibres, such as wool, silk, and hand-spun mohair, to create different textures, showcasing the essence of his work. 

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