The World's First Design Hotel. The SAS Royal Hotel, Copenhagen

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In 1956, Danish master Arne Jacobsen was given the opportunity to build ‘the world’s first design hotel’ - the twenty-two storey SAS Royal Hotel, Copenhagen - known all over the world as the hotel in which the architect designed every detail. For this masterpiece, Jacobsen collaborated with Fritz Hansen, designing some of the most iconic furniture of his career.

Designed by Arne Jacobsen and built by Scandinavian Airlines System, the SAS Royal had an array of state of the art facilities, including an air terminal with bus connections to Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport. When it opened its doors in the late 1950’s, it was considered the most modern hotel in Scandinavia.

Today, the SAS Royal is known as the Radisson Collection Royal Copenhagen, and is still a prominent example of Danish modernist architecture; a harmonious high-rise building that constitutes an ideal in modern design. Jacobsen's artistic talent is evident throughout the hotel, from the proportions of the building to the design of the interior, exemplifying his unique ability to carry through an all-encompassing design.

Jacobsen’s attention to detail in terms of functionality and choice of materials throughout the overall design of the SAS Royal, including its’ furniture, was much admired. It was for this building that Jacobsen designed his iconic Egg, Swan, Drop and Pot chairs, all flawlessly produced by Fritz Hansen.

The commission to design every element of the SAS Royal Hotel, including the furniture, was Jacobsen’s grand opportunity to put his theories of integrated design and architecture into practice.

The hotel was often titled ‘the punch card’ due to its resemblance to a stiff and straight piece of cardboard. Its' cleverly designed furniture provided a soft, organic expression.

Created by Jacobsen for the sophisticated Orchid Bar and astonishing winter garden, the Pot is a modern yet timeless design that was found on every floor of the SAS Royal Hotel in 1959.

The Drop was originally produced in a very limited number and exclusively for the SAS Royal.

With the SAS Royal as their backdrop, the Drop and its siblings exemplify Jacobsen's ability to carry through an all-encompassing design.

Known as the Arne Jacobsen suite, room 606 at the Radisson Collection Royal has been left untouched for six decades and has become a repository for some of the most recognizable pieces of furniture in the world, including the renowned Egg, Swan and Drop chairs.

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