Top 14 Iconic Table Lamps Every Design Lover Should Know

Top 14 Iconic Table Lamps Every Design Lover Should Know

by Shopify API

Whether you’re adding lighting to your bedroom, living room, desk, or somewhere else, a table lamp can brighten an area, complement the aesthetic of a space as a decorative element, or even help you focus on work.

Below, explore 14 timeless lamps that are both functional and decorative, and have become design icons of the 20th century. 

1. &Tradition 'Flowerpot Table Lamp' by Verner Panton. 

The famous Flowerpot lamp, designed in 1969 by Verner Panton, was named after the happy days of Flower Power.An object cannot become a design icon until it has stood the test of time and appears quite naturally in different settings, giving it a symbolic aura of its own - Flowerpot is just that. A simple yet impactful piece, the beautiful light is defined by the elegant combination of different rounded and curvaceous forms, creating a striking geometric structure that is perfect for the contemporary home. Now available in a range of sizes and styles, including a portable design. 

2. Louis Poulsen 'AJ Table Lamp' by Arne Jacobsen.

Originally designed in 1957 by Arne Jacobson for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the distinct, striking shape gives the lamp presence in any interior space, perfect for a living room or meeting room. The head can tilt, allowing glare-free, directional light, ideal for use as a reading or study lamp, positioned on a desk, bedside table or side table. Part of the iconic AJ collection, the table lamp is available in a beautiful collection of diverse colour-ways, with options to match decors both classic and contemporary.

3. Anglepoise 'Type 75 Desk Lamp' by Sir Kenneth Grange.

Embodying simplicity, functionality and authenticity, the well-known Anglepoise Type 75 Desk Lamp is ideally utilised upon a desk, sideboard or side table. Featuring an innovative spring mechanism, iconic of Anglepoise products, it diffuses an ambient light that can be positioned to the user's preference. Not only an extremely practical light source but also a sculptural, timeless piece, it is both a classic and contemporary addition to your home or workspace, available in many different colourways. Also available in floor and wall styles.

With 80 years experience refining exactly what a task lamp can and should be, Anglepoise's Type 75 is it. This best-selling design is the original spring-lamp style and combines all the high quality fittings and features you have come to expect from Anglepoise.

4. Louis Poulsen 'Panthella Lamp' by Verner Panton. 

Louis Poulsen's Panthella table lamp is one of the most popular products designed by Verner Panton. Panton's aim was to create a lamp in which the base and the shade would both act as reflectors. The light source is hidden under the white, hemispheric acrylic shade and the trumpet-shaped base gives the lamp a distinctive, balanced silhouette and also contributes to the distribution of light. Originally released in 1971, Panthella is today considered a classic of Danish design and is available in a range of sizes and colours, including a portable table design.

5. GUBI 'Grasshopper Table Lamp' by Greta M. Grossman.

Greta M. Grossman designed the iconic Gräshoppa Table Lamp in 1947 and with its sophisticated yet playful design, it is still as relevant today. The distinctive, elongated conical shade is beautifully combined with a tubular brass stand, a great example of Grossman’s whimsical design language, that is both organic and modern. The Gräshoppa Table Lamp brings not only a perfect, functional addition to the desk but can also be used as a sophisticated light object in any room.

6. Louis Poulsen 'PH 2/1 Table Light' by Poul Henningsen.

The famed Louis Poulsen PH 2/1 Table Lamp, from influential designer Poul Henningson.Utilising the multi-shade, glare free system Henningson was so famous for, the PH 2/1 makes the perfect desk lamp. It’s elegant, sophisticated and able to produce warm, evenly spread light wherever it’s placed. Suitable for home or contract use, the light is available in black, chrome or a stunning brass finish. Part of the Louis Poulsen PH 2/1 family.

7. Karakter 'Domo Table Light' by Joe Colombo.

The Domo lamp was originally designed by Italian designer Joe Colombo in 1965. Back then he designed three lamps based on the same core shape. Known for his democratic and functional design, his flexible and convertible furniture meant to be used in many different ways – all to the benefit of the user. Joe Colombo experimented with new materials and the latest technologies and designed futuristic “machines for living”, many of which have become icons for a new way of living. One of them is Domo. Colombo often rejected sharp corners and straight lines in favour of curvaceous forms.

8. GUBI 'Obello Table Lamp' by Bill Curry.

With a frosted, mouth-blown glass shade, as used for Curry’s original lamps, and integrated dimmable-LED light source, the rechargeable lamp can easily be moved between inside and out. With a complete charge in four and a half hours, providing up to 40 hours of light, Obello will create a cozy atmosphere as the sun starts to set and last well into the night. The Obello Lamp is an iconic space-age design that will make a strong statement, either as a playful centerpiece or a point of curiosity within any outdoor space.

9. Fritz Hansen 'KAISER idell Luxus Table Lamp' by Christian Dell.

The table lamp model 6631 "Luxus" appeared for the first time in 1936. Characteristic for the Luxus lamp is its broad shade and curvy shape. Despite the somewhat cold materials used, such as steel and brass, the design is warm and curvaceous. This specific lamp soon became the undisputed top model of the KAISER idell™ series then, as well as today. The symbol of noble Germanic design, exquisite choice of materials and precise engineering.

10. Karakter 'Lari Lamp' by Angelo Mangiarotti

An expression of fine craftsmanship the Karakter Copenhagen Lari Table Lamp references designer Angelo Mangiarotti’s previous architectural feats. Referencing industrial design and crafted in a series of corrugated lines, the single-piece mouth-blown glass shade is discretely held together by a black lacquered aluminium base. Emitting a soft glow, through two LED bulbs the Lari Table Lamp is perfect for delicately lighting a study or private reading corner. With great consideration for every material used, the light is gently refracted through ridged glass, adding a touch of unique style to your home.

11. GUBI '5321 Table Lamp' by Paavo Tynell.

Paavo Tynell’s fanciful take on nature is gracefully echoed in the 5321 Table Lamp, designed by the Finnish designer in 1938. Under the distinctive shell-inspired brass shade, the bulb subtly appears from beneath; a picturesque detail resembling the desirable sea shell pearl and making the 5321 Table Lamp a perfect example on how Tynell brought a playful nature and romance to the simplified style of mid-century modernism. Blending timeless aesthetic with a unique sense of form, the 5321 Table Lamp adds an exquisite character to complement any modern space. Both decorative and functional, the lamp is a balance of elegance and curiosity, providing a design that is at once subtle and surprising.

12. Fredericia 'Fellow Table Lamp' by Space Copenhagen.

A contemporary lighting solution and sculptural object, the Fredericia Fellow Table Lamp has been designed by Space Copenhagen. A combination of exquisite materials and organically inspired shapes, the unassuming Fellow Table Lamp looks to be inspired by the silhouette of a kind and quiet creature. Small yet distinctive, Fellow is the perfect companion for a bookshelf or coffee table, providing a subtle yet golden emission of light. A calming, elegant addition to the modern home, the table lamp embodies a delicate, geometric simplicity. 

13. &Tradition 'Tripod Table Lamp' by Hvidt & Mølgaard

Tripod from 1953 reflects the clean minimalism of Old Masters Hvidt & Mølgaard. A table lamp built from lacquered steel with brass details, it strikes a delicate balance between the stark simplicity of its design and the softness injected by the curved edges of its base. Although it was designed in 1953, this is the first time it’s in production.

14. Gubi 'BL2 Table Lamp' by Robert Dudley Best.

The classic Bestlite BL2 Table Lamp is designed in 1930 by Robert Dudley Best, a British designer highly influenced by the school of Bauhaus. With its clean lines and elegant expression, the Bestlite BL2 Table Lamp exudes a unique simplicity with strong references to this period. The table lamp is with its flexible arm and moveable shade, optimal for any home office, workspace, creative corner or even as the lighting at your bedside table or in the living room.

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