VIPP VIPP Hurray / 2019 Marks The 80th Anniversary For VIPP

2019 is a big year of celebration for Vipp. It’s been 80 years since Marie asked Holger to craft a sturdy pedal bin for her new hairdressing salon, a question that marked the beginning of the future for the Danish design brand that has a story deep-rooted in history.


In 1939, newlywed Marie Nielson called upon her metalsmith husband, Holger, to craft a quality pedal bin for her hair salon, one that would withstand the substantial usage that it would inevitably receive. With that in mind, Holger set to work and began crafting the very first Vipp bin in history.

Holger never intended for his bin to be sold, however on display in the salon it attracted the attention of many wives of doctors and dentists who thought that the Vipp bin would be perfect for their husbands’ clinics. As more and more requests were made, Holger decided to begin production at a larger scale, and the pedal bin became a permanent feature of Danish clinics and surgeries.

Eleven years after the bin was created, Jette was born, growing up with the Vipp factory in the backyard of her childhood home.

In 1992, Jette took over the company and after the sudden death of her father, she could not bear to see his life’s work disappear. With the bin under her arm, Jette visited the finest furniture and design shops in Scandinavia.

Today, Vipp is a third-generation family business, run by Jette and her two children Kasper and Sophie. The product family now ranges from a bin to a kitchen to a complete furniture range.

Every product created is recognisably Vipp, encompassing the same aesthetic, materiality and unparalleled quality as the very first piece in the collection, which despite its 80 year ages is almost identical to its 1939 version.


Marking Vipp's 80th birthday in 2019, Vipp have collaborated with French artist Vahram Muratyan to pay tribute to Vipp’s Danish roots. The artist’s city silhouettes unfold on a limited series of the Vipp pedal bin.

Aptly named ‘The Danish Bin’, Muratyan interprets the bin with a timeless illustration of Copenhagen’s cityscape with its recognizable green towers, cyclists, the colorful ‘Nyhavn’ facades and the ‘Tivoli’ amusement park.

The full Vipp collection, including the 80 year anniversary bin, is available to explore in Cult showrooms in Australia and New Zealand.

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