YEAR IN REVIEW. Top product releases of 2023

Reflecting on 2023, we take a moment to spotlight some of the best new furniture, lighing and homewares launched this year by our local and international brand partners. We also round up your favourites - our top 10 bestsellers of 2023. 

Furniture - top new releases of 2023.  

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 14.26.12.png__PID:82da0c7e-49fc-4563-b7bb-549a2d441f0c

Pa Collection
Designer: Timothy Robertson 
Brand: nau

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 14.37.06.png__PID:1c4bddec-dfe2-4c7f-8b1d-d6e9b0f3db36

Conscious Collection 
Designer: Various 
Brand: Mater


Vendicari Lido Outdoor Collection
Designer: Jangir Maddadi
Brand: Cappellini

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 11.38.41.png__PID:37de469c-b6e1-4541-9634-04c6971a51ed

PK60™ Coffee Table
Designer: Poul Kjaerholm
Brand: Fritz Hansen


GB Lounge
Designer: Gijs Bakker
Brand: Karakter

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 14.27.13.png__PID:aa488f1c-ed0d-496f-8ce0-61206fa6d294

About A Collection 200 - Eco 
Designer: Hee Welling
Brand: HAY


Galeotta Armchair 877
Designer: De Pas, D'Urbino, Lomazzi
Brand: Zanotta


PK15 Chair
Designer: Poul Kjaerholm
Brand: Fritz Hansen

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 11.33.51.png__PID:e875af6f-5fd8-4799-ae06-88352f6d69b0

Boa Table 
Designer: Stefan Diez
Brand: HAY


AH Outdoor Series
Designer: Alfred Homann
Brand: Carl Hansen & Son 

Lighting - top 10 new releases of 2023.   

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 16.49.12.png__PID:6b0e9038-772d-4abd-b53e-cd1b89ddffee

Mist Table Lamp AP17
Designer: All The Way To Paris
Brand: &Tradition

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 21.05.23.png__PID:8d6caa90-a67c-4adc-92c0-0df3c2f165a5

1972 Pendant
Designer: Paavo Tynell
Brand: Gubi

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 16.50.41.png__PID:2bd66bab-b350-4720-b5d5-e9d415181b93

Apex Collection
Designer: John Tree
Brand: HAY


Night Owl - Stainless Steel
Designer: Nicholai Wiig Hansen
Brand: Fritz Hansen


Formakami JH5 Limited Edition Pendant
Designer: Jaime Hayon
Brand: &Tradition

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 16.52.50.png__PID:65828b52-c716-4f37-9947-d81445eec9b3

Utzon Pendant - Special Edition
Designer: Jorn Utzon
Brand: &Tradition

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 17.04.21.png__PID:6b5a7bcd-50ad-4618-8e75-07ede3367198

PH 2/2 Luna Table Lamp
Designer: Poul Henningsen
Brand: Louis Poulsen

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 11.38.08.png__PID:ab14e0b7-9f89-4602-9e9c-8c14fbebc0a7

Lari Mini Portable Lamp
Designer: Angelo Mangiarotti
Brand: Karakter

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 11.37.45.png__PID:50422146-0413-4275-9a39-8f2c99bcde8b

Pivot ATD7
Designer: &Tradition
Brand: &Tradition


MS Series Lighting Collection
Designer: Mette Schelde
Brand: Fritz Hansen

Homewares - top 10 new releases of 2023.  

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 14.24.24.png__PID:de102c61-31c8-4ce4-b363-862dbbe2a666

Vipp15 Rubbish Bin - Marie’s Yellow
Designer: Vipp
Brand: Vipp


Tones Kilim Rug
Designer: Clàudia Valsells
Brand: Nanimarquina


Sciangai 50 Clothes Stand
Designer: De Pas, D'Urbino, Lomazzi
Brand: Zanotta

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 11.38.15.png__PID:14e0b79f-8966-425e-9c8c-14fbebc0a7c8

Hang Around Coat Rack
Designer: Derek McLeod
Brand: Karakter

Arcs Trolley_Arcs Mirror_Studio Visit.jpg__PID:8e253747-cbcb-4ca1-b251-633975842bfe

Arcs Mirror 
Designer: Muller Van Severen 
Brand: HAY

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 11.27.07.png__PID:7f3ccbf6-670b-476c-b24e-c1f68f194f9c

Rocking Horse
Designer: Fritz Hansen
Brand: Fritz Hansen


Momento Collection
Designer: Jaime Hayon
Brand: &Tradition


Oblique Rug
Designer: Matthew Hilton
Brand: Nanimarquina


Quaderna Mirror 476
Designer: Superstudio
Brand: Zanotta


Luna Wall Hook 
Designer: Rene Linssen
Brand: nau

Your favourites - top 10 most popular products of 2023.

As part of our 2023 review, we have rounded up the 10 bestselling products online and in-stores this year from over thousands of products available from our range of internationally celebrated brands.

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 11.42.33.png__PID:2f3ba041-0e49-437c-aa49-e4282ccbf246

Knit Coat Rack
Designer: Jin Kuramoto
Brand: HAY

square overlay-LIGHTS2.jpg__PID:7bda9947-e30d-4d76-99ee-a7448a49cdc6

Obello Portable Lamp
Designer: Bill Curry
Brand: GUBI


Shuffle MH1 Side Table
Designer: Mia Hamborg
Brand: &Tradition

square overlay-design-show-2023-event-gallery3.jpg__PID:a10c7880-9745-4a71-aeeb-0febce954a2a

Flowerpot VP9 Portable Lamp
Designer: Verner Panton
Brand: &Tradition

Palissade Table_Palissade Armchair_Palissade Chair_Palissade Stool iron red_Mousqueton brushed stainless steel.jpg__PID:f5447d81-9ab3-490f-94fc-e8960148f3a8

Palissade Collection
Designer: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
Brand: HAY


Teti Stool / Side Table
Designer: Prospero Rasulo
Brand: Zanotta 


Korpus Shelf 
Designer: Andreas Bergsaker
Brand: HAY


Setago Portable Lamp
Designer: Jaime Hayon
Brand: &Tradition


Rotate Trolley
Designer: Space Copenhagen
Brand: &Tradition 

Sia Chair
Designer: Tom Fereday 
Brand: nau

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