Collection: Flora Promenade - 170x240cm

Nanimarquina presents a new collaboration full of color at the hand of Barcelona artist Santi Moix.

For this collaboration, pieces have been chosen where the artist explores the parallelism between life and death through his biomorphic flowers. His use of color goes beyond the merely decorative: it is the resource to enhance and attenuate certain details while paying special attention to in-betweens; those intermediate processes in flowers such as the moments before their birth, their explosion of color or their decay.

The Promenade model is an exercise in reinterpreting the artist's floral work transferred to the rug. The nanimarquina team has worked carefully on the selection of each of the flowers, paying special attention to the scale and color in search of the appropriate compositional balance to ensure that Promenade is integrated and coexists in multiple spaces.

It is also worth remarking its wide range composed of 38 different colors, an exhaustive chromatic work.

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  • Flora Promenade - Ø250cm
    Flora Promenade - Ø250cm


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  • Flora Promenade - 300x400cm
    Flora Promenade - 300x400cm


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  • Flora Promenade - 200x300cm
    Flora Promenade - 200x300cm


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  • Flora Promenade - 170x240cm
    Flora Promenade - 170x240cm


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