3daysofdesign News & Trends Report 2024 

Explore our Cult 3 Days of Design News & Trends Report 2024 below for a detailed recap, along with our team's personal highlights and the top 10 releases of the event.

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From June 12-14, 2024, Copenhagen once again became a vibrant hub of creativity and innovation with the return of 3 Days of Design, one of the world’s most exciting furniture and design events. This year's festival was a resounding success, featuring over 250 exhibitors who showcased a stunning array of new and iconic furniture, lighting, accessories, and innovative materials.

The event unfolded across various venues throughout Denmark's capital, including showrooms, shops, streets, and galleries. Each location offered a unique perspective on contemporary design, making it a truly immersive experience for all attendees. The city itself became a canvas for creativity, with every corner brimming with inspiration.

Explore the world of 3daysofdesign through our team's curated highlights. From cutting-edge installations to breathtaking designs, experience the best of this year's event.

Cult 3daysofdesign News & Trends Report 2024

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